Massage Therapist
Stephen Smith​ National Certified Massage Therapist LMBT NC # 7413 ABMP # 894251
Rossiter Coach​ 
10617 Kettering Rd suite 
Charlotte NC 28226

Stephen graduated from Dover Business College in 2004 (Dean's List) and is a fully trained Therapeutic Massage Therapist whose main focus has been on the applications of therapeutic massage and the use of modalities on tired and over-used muscle groups.
As a trained and tested therapist, Stephen has the knowledge and license to work on these muscle groups to achieve lasting results while helping you to fully enjoy at any age living a pain free life. 
Massage will lower your stress, increased mobility, improve sleep patterns, improved flexibility, and strengthen your immune system.

After a career in the trades, Stephen understands first-hand the toll the body takes from heavy lifting, moving and performing tasks under pressure. Over the years he's served as coach for local baseball teams, watching weekend warriors over-work their under-utilized muscles.  He is now able to commit himself to his dream of helping people perform their daily activities with ease and pain free.

Stephen is dedicated to this this second career as a Therapeutic Massage Therapist. 
He now lives in Waxhaw, NC with his wife and family.

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